Pastor’s February 2019 Article

Bleak Mid-Winter

Short days, long cold nights, and a hazy outlook; so what is there to look forward to in winter?  As I write this, we are into the second Saturday in a row of having a snowstorm that will affect attendance on Sunday.  For me it is always somewhat depressing to work hard on a sermon just to have the weather limit who might be there to hear.  I know the weather can bring you similar disappointments. It is easy to just wish the days would pass so that we can get on to spring.

But what if we decide not to let the weather get us down?  What if we decide to make good use of that extra time we have inside to discern God’s will, study God’s Word, and make ourselves more like Christ?  Sound good? Then let’s get started.

Most of us made New Year’s resolutions.  February is the first month of the year that most of us start forgetting or stop working towards those decisions.  There is no better time than right now to pray about what God would have you do this year to further His purposes in North Judson.  I believe that God is speaking to each one of us and calling each of us to a special purpose. “Therefore, brothers and sisters, be all the more eager to confirm your call and election, for if you do this, you will never stumble”  (2 Peter 1:10).

There is much to do.  Perhaps God is calling you to participate in one of our Outreach Ministries:  Kid’s Closet, Food Pantry, Last Saturday Meal, Angel Tree, or in a Mission beyond the local church.  Or maybe God is calling you to get involved with our children’s ministries of teaching, church school, VBS, 1st Steps, or Cool Christian Kids?  Or perhaps God has gifted you with skills that can be utilized to help keep our facilities and grounds in good condition so that all can enjoy being here.  Maybe you are being called to assist in the worship services through being an usher, singing in the choir, helping with communion, or reading scripture. You may wish to help with our hospitality ministry or our ministry of calling on hospital or homebound.  Maybe God is calling you to help teach in an adult Sunday school or study. Perhaps you have the capacity to give more of your wealth to support the ministry of the church.

I believe that all are called.  Each person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior is being called to ministry within Christ’s church.   

God is calling you!  Your answer to His call is the most important decision you will make in 2019.


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