Station 3

Background:   The bible records that Simon of Cyrene was conscripted to help Jesus carry his cross.   While it is not stated in the Bible explicitly, it would make logical sense that Jesus was having difficulty carrying the cross which is why he needed help.   This station marks the first time that Jesus fell under the weight of the cross.   The pictured statue comes from small chapel that marks the third station in Jerusalem.

Reflect:  Is there a time you ever felt that you could not continue?   Is there a time where your burdens and hardships were so great that you did not think you would ever make it through?   Since you are here now, you obviously made it.    Jesus fell under the weight of his burden as well, but his dedication to his mission on earth drove him to get back and continue to carry his cross.

Pray:   Who do you know in your life that is going through a hard time?   It could be medical, financial, or relational.   Lift up those people in prayer to God.

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