The Fifth Station

Background:  The fifth station marks where Simon the Cyrene was conscripted to help Jesus carry the cross.  A small chapel marks this station, but it is only open during special times.

Read:   Mark 15:21

Reflect:   Jesus had reached a point of exhaustion.  A point where his physical pain and the weight of the cross became too much for him to bear.   It is at this point that Jesus needed to have help.  Even though neither man asked for it, Simon was forced by the Romans to carry the cross.  Side by side Simon escorted Jesus to the foot of the cross.   In our lives when we felt like we were going to succumb to the weight of our burdens, we often had someone who came beside us.  We often have someone in our lives who helps us carry the heavy burdens that we can no longer lift on our own.

Pray:  Who has been that person who are those people that you can depend on?   Lift them in prayer to God with a prayer of thanksgiving.

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