The Sixth Station

Background:  This is another incident along the path to the cross that scripture does not record but that Catholic tradition remembers.   As Jesus struggled along the way to the cross a woman named Veronica came and wiped the sweat, blood, and grime away from his face.   The sixth station is in a busy marketplace and has a simple marker showing the location.

Reflect:  Having his face wiped off was not a pressing need that Jesus had.  However, it was a profound act of kindness.  Kindness does not necessarily meet a pressing need in the world.  Kindness is simply doing something that benefits somebody else.    Something that perhaps everyone can agree on is that the world needs more kindness.   When is the last time you were the recipient of someone’s kindness?   When is the last time you were intentionally kind to someone else?

Pray:     In prayer give thanks to God for the times that people have shown you acts of kindness.  Take it a step further though, and ask God to give opportunities in your life for you to show kindness to others.

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