Good Friday Virtual Worship

 Good Friday

Tenebrae Service

The word “Tenebrae” comes from Latin and means darkness.   In Christian tradition a Tenebrae service has long been used to remember the dark days before the glorious resurrection.  The increasing darkness is meant to signify the approaching darkness of Jesus’ death and the hopelessness in a world without God’s love or forgiveness.

Musical Worship

Kay Ridley and Amy Mosher recorded hymns for us to include in our virtual worship.  If you would like to sing along at home, the words can be found Here


Our friends at Clay Church, a United Methodist community in South Bend,  have generously provided the following musical arrangement.   Use it to prepare your heart and soul to hear the story of Jesus’ passion and death.




The story is not meant to be rushed.   As you feel led, take moments to pause the video and contemplate in silence.


  1. Cindy Mathis

    Thank you for helping us worship together even when we can’t be together, especially during this season. We need to come together more than ever in faith and hope, and who better to do this than Jesus.

  2. Mike & Amy Mosher

    Thank you Pastor Sean. We feel fortunate we could see this when Mike came home from work so late. It was a very moving service. So glad that our congregation can take part of Good Friday. Even when we are not physically together we are all together in His Spirit.

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