Easter Lilies 2022

Given by The Gardners in memory of Bob, Betty and Jim Gardner, Bob Griese and Cyndi Kuehl.

Given by Paul & Carola Forsythe in memory of Cora Forsythe and Mr. & Mrs. Elmer E. Marks.

Given by The Born & Stalbaum Families in memory of Perry & Marian Lucas.

Given by Sean & Abigail Johnson in honor of Connor Johnson and his confirmation.

Given by Mike & Amy Mosher and Family in memory of Roger Verhagen and Wayne Mosher, and in honor of Joyce Verhagen and Shirley Mosher.

Given by Kathy Vorm in memory of her mom, Betty Wright, and in honor of Alyse for her brave battle with cancer.

Given by Dave & Lyn Altman and Family in memory of Marvin McLaughlin, Paul & Donna Altman and Jeanette Altman, and in honor of Barbara McLaughlin.

Given by Debbie Otto in honor of all the awesome church volunteers.

Given by Joyce Verhagen in memory of Roger Verhagen.

Given by Barbara McLaughlin in memory of Marvin McLaughlin, and our McLaughlin & Leonard parents.

Given by Lauretta Somerville in memory of Sharron Somerville.

Given by Marilyn & Larry Wickert in memory of Marietta & Clifford Applegate and Elaine & August Wickert.

Given by Clyde Flory in honor of his Risen Lord & Savior.

Given by Jose & Deb Marquez in memory of Marge Warren and Oscar Marquez, and in honor of Richard Warren.

Given by Patty Williams in honor of Jim & Connie Williams.

Given by Brandon, Ethan & Katie Benavides and Jared & Tracy Benavides in memory of our grandpas/fathers, Alex Benavides and Tim Carroll.

Given by Mary Perren in memory of Fran Perren.

Given by Cheryl Orkis & Family in memory of Beloved Family and Friends.

Given by Nancy Patrick in memory of John Patrick and her grandson, Ryan Patrick.

Given by George Thompson in memory of Leo & Vera Thompson, Barbara Martin, Pam Williams, Mike Thompson and Brian Thompson.

Given by Rick & Kathy Ward in memory of Nancy Breedlove and Sally Roberts, and in honor of Art & Shirley Ward.













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