SermonPlus Week 3

How it works:   First, read the scripture (it is also included in the video).  Second, watch the message.   Third, work through the reflection questions.  While it is not required, we do recommend that you write down your answers in a journal of some kind.   Blessings to you as you engage in the spiritual disciplines for a holy Lent

Scripture:  Luke 13:1-9

Related Scripture: John 9:1-11


  • The incident and parable recorded here are found only in Luke’s gospel.
  • This morning’s scripture comes from a teaching section found in Luke. It begins in chapter 12 and continues in chapter 13.  During these two chapters Jesus is in a large crowd and alternates back and forth between addressing the crowd and addressing his disciples.  This scripture is addressed to the crowd.
  • While this story is unique to Luke, it does make the same point that a story from John’s gospel makes. Specifically, negative events or tragedies are not a punishment for sin.



  1. How are you at being empathetic? Are there people you have a hard time empathizing with?
  2. Pastor said that “loving your neighbor as yourself” is the very definition of empathy. How can your faith help you be concerned for and better understand what other people are going through?
  3. How good of a job do you do at being patient with others and giving them special care when they need it?
  4. Is there anyone that you should give another chance? What steps should you take to do that?


Going Deeper:

The sermon mentioned the story of Johnny Lee Clary.  The Los Angles Time wrote about him and his relationship with Rev. Wade Watts in a 2002 piece by Clayton Bellamy.  In that article Clary is quoted as saying:

“When I heard the Klan and the skinheads say they wanted to kill all the blacks, I used to think of Rev. Watts and think, ‘Do you really want to see this man hurt?’ ” Clary said. “He was such a good man that I started doubting all these things I was supposed to teach.”

Clary credits the kindness and love shown by Watts as the catalyst for him coming to faith and changing his life.  Consider and possibly journal about your response to those questions:  Who is a person who had a big impact on your faith and life?   How did they believe in you or give you a second chance?  What were the faith lessons you learned from them?



March 20th, 2022

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