March 2024 Pastor’s Article

After faithfully leading the United Methodist Church in Indiana through some truly unprecedented times over these past few years, Bishop Julius Trimble has announced that he is retiring this year.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to interact with him a handful of times, and I have learned he has a few favorite sayings that he likes to repeat.  One that I have heard him say several times is this:

Little prayer – Little power

Much prayer – Much power

No prayer – No power

            It is worth reminding ourselves that prayer is so much more than sending “good vibes”.   Prayer is more than just a ritual action to give us a sense of peace.   Prayer is a connection with the divine, and when we ask for something in prayer, we are requesting the Creator of the entire universe intercede on our behalf.  God is a God of infinite power, and when we pray we are asking God to use that power to potentially change reality, to create miracles, and do the impossible.

When the bishop shares this saying, he does so to make the point.  If we want to see God at work in our lives, our community, or our world, then we should be praying.  When God hears our prayers and responds, then the power of God will be involved.  Prayer is a request for a display of God’s goodness and power.   Out of God’s goodness, God responds to our prayers and there is indeed much power.

This is a good time of the year to be reminded just how powerful prayer can be.  Lent is intended to be a time of intentional dedication to, and practice of, spiritual discipline in the lives of people who follow Jesus.   Lent is not just about the self-denial of giving things up, but Lent is also about adding to our spiritual practices.  Lent is a good time to be a little more intentional in our prayers.

I encourage you to consider spending a bit more time in prayer this Lent.  If you need a suggestion about what I pray for, may I suggest you pray for our church?    Pray that the power of the Holy Spirit would be evident at North Judson United Methodist Church.  Pray that power will work through the faith community so that new disciples are made, the needs of the community are met, and the love of God is made known.

God is faithful and hears our prayers.   I hope you will join me for several weeks in a deeper commitment to prayer.   May we pray, and may we see just how faithful God is.   May we be amazed at the way God answers our prayers and may we be in awe at God’s mighty power.   Because as our bishop says:  “Little prayer, littler power.  Much prayer, much power.”

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