June 2024 Pastor’s Article

Late night host Jimmy Fallon has a reoccurring bit where he will publicly write thank you cards on his show.  While he usually writes his thank you cards for comedic effect, I do want to copy the idea of making my “thank you” cards public.   As my appointment to North Judson UMC draws to a close, I want to publicly say thank you for the following things:

Thank you to everyone who volunteers.  You may not be aware of it, but when it comes to how involved you all are in serving the community, North Judson UMC punches well above its weight class.  While it is not a competition in any way, you do a lot more for the community than some churches that are bigger are able to do.  This is only possible because there are so many dedicated volunteers.  From working weekly in Kid’s Closet, helping with the monthly free meal, packing weekend food bags for students, or helping out with missions focused fundraisers like the fish fry or Henny Penny chicken dinner, many of you volunteer and that makes a difference.

Thank you to those who serve (or have served) on the church council.  The past five years have certainly been unprecedented times.  When you said yes to being a leader in the church, you likely had no idea just what kind of uncharted waters we would have to navigate through a global pandemic and the aftermath of a new normal.  I am thankful for your leadership over the past five years.

Thank you for those who serve as children’s church teachers.   This thank you also applies to those who have helped with VBS, Super Sunday parties, youth group or anything else we have done with young people.  I think it so important that churches have a place for young people where they can feel included, supported, and wanted.   I am thankful that several of you seem to agree with me and you have been so faithful in serving the children of the church.

Thank you to those who participate in the bible studies I have led.   After working with young people, my second favorite thing to do in the church is lead bible studies.   I am thankful that I have been able to do this for the past few years.  It is my hope that those of you who participated got half as much out of being part of them as I got from leading them.

Thank you to all of those who lead and provide music for worship.  Music is very much not a gift of mine.   However, those of you who play the piano, sing in the band, sing in the choir, or provide specials are so incredibly talented.  I am thankful that you share your giftedness, and our worship services are so much better because of your contributions.

More specifically, thank you to the Mustard Seed Band for how you have included my daughter, Callie.  I am thankful for the way that you embraced her and gave her a place in the church.

Finally, thanks to all of you, the congregation of North Judson UMC.  From my perspective it has been a good five years.  I am thankful for all of the ways you have supported and encouraged me and my family.   I am thankful for your graciousness in the times I may have fallen short.  Most of all, I am thankful that as a congregation, you do seem to truly want to change lives by transforming communities.  It will continue to be my ongoing prayer that you continue to do this as you seek to always live into the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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  1. Cheryl Allen

    Thank you , Sean, Abigail, Conner and Callie, for always participating in our outside ministries
    Free meal, fish fry, Angel tree, fun day in the park, no one made better lemon shakeups. Your family was always there if needed, I personally will miss you all greatly. Praying your next journey will be a happy and fulfilling one.
    Much love.

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