Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 Research has consistently shown that there are incredible benefits to having a hobby.   Regularly doing something that we enjoy, are passionate about, and just find fun is really good for us.   It is has also been my observation that people’s hobbies tend to be more detailed than non-hobbyist assume.   There tends … [Read more…]


I am fairly positive I have spent more time in front of a TV watching stuff this year than I have in a really, really long time.   Given this year, it is not too surprising.  With lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing watching movies and TV shows on streaming services provided something to do.  I imagine … [Read more…]

Balls of Clay

Scripture:  Isaiah 64:1-9 I think there a lot of people who might think that 2020 is the worst year they have ever lived through.  I know for some people there have been some real bright spots and moments that are truly worth celebrating.  For most of us though, 2020 it’s been a lot.  It may … [Read more…]

Pastor’s December Article

Christmas music is strangely divisive.  It would seem something as wholesome as Christmas music is something that would feel everyone with good cheer, but that is not always the case.   It seems most people have a lot of strong feelings about Christmas music.   For instance, there are some people who firmly believe that Christmas music … [Read more…]

The Difference

Scripture:  Matthew 25:31-46 In team sports very few things are as unfortunate as an own goal.  A lot of times these are accidental slip-ups.  For instance, in basketball a lot of own goals happen when a botched rebound attempt accidently tips the ball in.  Even some of the biggest names in the game like Lebron … [Read more…]

The Long Game

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 In 2000 while I was attending the University of Evansville, evangelist Luis Palau came to town.  Palau began ministry as a Spanish translator for Billy Graham before starting a similar ministry that was modeled after Graham’s.   In the lead up to the event, there was a call for volunteers who would … [Read more…]


In 1933 a new pulp magazine debuted that featured a hero who was a wealthy playboy by day and the world’s greatest detective at night.  He would don a mask and catch the criminals that eluded the police.   In the magazine the police commissioner even installed a special light that he would shine into the … [Read more…]

Celebration of Life

Scripture: 1 John 2:28-3:3 In human history we accomplished so much.  We invented and mastered agriculture which has enabled us to thrive, we continue to make breakthroughs in combating illnesses, we put people on the moon, and someday we will likely put people on other planets.  It seems that with enough time, cooperation, and resources … [Read more…]

Pastor’s November Article

It has been my observation that over the past few years more and more people have begun to go along with the commercial push to start the “Christmas season” as early as November 1st.  The past few years I have noticed on social media that people making posts about putting their Christmas tree up in … [Read more…]

Da Bears

Scripture:  2 Kings 2:23-25 Rachel Held Evans was a well-known force in Christian literature.  From 2012 to her death in 2019, she managed to write four books that all managed to have quite an impact on a number of people.  Because the written word can long outlive the author, even though she passed away at … [Read more…]