The Background

Scripture: Acts 1:15-17; 21-27 Earlier this year, I observed something that I thought I would never see happen.  I saw long time Colts fan give Tom Brady begrudging respect.   While there overall opinion of him might still be slightly deflated, winning his seventh super bowl with Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year caused even his toughest … [Read more…]

No Outsiders

Scripture:  Acts 10:44-48 Several years ago religious humor website wanted to find the funniest religious joke.  They had 951 jokes submitted and after bringing that list down over 10,000 people voted on the finalists.  This was the winner of the funniest religious joke:  The story goes a man was walking across a bridge one … [Read more…]

Masters and Padawans

Scripture:  Acts 8:26-40 When the very first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896, fencing was one of the sports included and it has been part of every Olympiad since.   Fencing only really coalesced as a sport shortly before those first Olympics.   The first officially recognized fencing tournament was not held until 1880, and it … [Read more…]

Pastor’s May Article

It seems that Spring might finally have arrived.  The signs are all around.  Grass is growing and needs to be mowed.  More and more bugs are out buzzing, and dandelions are starting to burst out of the ground.   To most people dandelions are weeds.   They are botanical pests that are very hard to get rid … [Read more…]

Good Trouble

Scripture:  Acts 4:5-12 The late John Lewis, ordained Baptist minister and congressman, once famously said, “Never be afraid to make some noise and get into good trouble, necessary trouble.”  Lewis was speaking from experience.   As a young man inspired by Martin Luther King, he became extremely involved in the civil rights movement. He found himself … [Read more…]

Second Chances

Scripture:  Acts 3:12-19 The feats of athleticism that the human body is capable of truly are amazing.  Athletes are constantly able to push themselves to set new records in how fast they can run, how fast they can swim, how far they can jump, or how much they can lift.  The accuracy with which a … [Read more…]

My Favorite Scripture Ever

Scripture: 1 John 1:5-2:2 After almost eighteen years of marriage, I have learned that the way my wife and I interact with the world around us is fundamentally different.   We just do not approach stuff in quite the same way.  For instance and using pie as an example, she will take any given pie and … [Read more…]

The Final Test

Scripture:  Mark 16:1-8 According to the story, Dr. Bonk was a beloved chemistry teacher at Duke University.  One year two young men, who were doing well in the introduction to chemistry class, decided they did not need to take the final too seriously, so the night before the test they decided to travel several hours … [Read more…]

Easter Lilies 2021

Given by Robert McKee & Kathryn Amidei in memory of Juanita McKee & Al Amidei. Given by Mike & Amy Mosher and Family in memory of Roger Verhagen and Wayne Mosher, and in honor of Joyce Verhagen and Shirley Mosher. Given by Peggy Lipscomb Bohac in honor of “Helen’s Girls”. Given by Dave & Lyn … [Read more…]