From a Disciple’s POV

Scripture:  Mark 14:12-26 It seems every generation or so there is a watershed, defining moment.  These are event that burn themselves into our brain, so that even years later we feel like we can recall the details of exactly where we were when we first heard the news.   Even though the event is almost twenty … [Read more…]

Pastor’s April Article

It used to be when a movie ended and the credits started I would turn it off or pack up to leave the theater.   However, thanks in large part to the Marvel super-hero movies, post-credit scenes have become more and more common.  It is not unheard of for a movie to have multiple post credit … [Read more…]

The Final Command

Scripture:  John 15:9-17 On September 2nd, 1945 after six long years of global conflict, World War II officially ended with the formal surrender of Japan.  However, even though the war was officially over the fighting did not stop for everyone.  Across the Pacific as Japanese forces were forced to retreat they were given order to … [Read more…]

Your Turn

Luke 9:1-6 Mr. Johnson was something of a legend at the high school I graduated from.  For instance I never had him as a teacher, but I knew a lot about him.  All the students did.   Mr. Johnson was the favorite teacher of many, and he was best known for the way that he would … [Read more…]

Time to Take a Shot

Scripture:  Mark 6:30-44 Growing up, I disliked playing basketball.  I still did it because I was a kid growing up in Indiana, which means it was the primary activity of middle school gym.   I’ve never been among the tallest of fastest though so I started at a distinct disadvantage in the game.   One of the … [Read more…]

Road Rage

Scripture: Mark 9:33-37 Henry Ford, the man who made cars a way of life, once famously said, “Auto racing began five minutes after the second car was built.”  It is a bit of hyperbole, but it is not far off.  The first successful gasoline powered automobile designed in the United States was made by brothers … [Read more…]

Pastor’s March Article

There are two proposed sites in Jerusalem for where Jesus was crucified and buried.   The first site which has tradition dating all the way back to the second century is the church of Holy Sepulcher.    The massive church building is shared by a very complex arrangement of Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic, Syrian, Armenian, and Ethiopian, Christians.    … [Read more…]

The Squall

Scripture:  Mark 4:35-41 February 24th, 2007 has got to be somewhere in like the top three scariest days of my life.  At the time I was the youth minister at Epworth UMC in Indianapolis, and that youth group had a tradition of an annual ski trip.  Now, I think it was on that particular trip … [Read more…]

Kingdom Success

Scripture: Mark 1:29-37 The way we understand fame has changed.  It used to be that fame was only for a small elite group, that it seemed that everyone knew.  At one point in time long ago, the way to tell if someone had made it to fame was if they were invited to appear on … [Read more…]