The Twelfth Station

Background:   The twelfth station marks and remembers the death of Jesus on the cross.  This station is found beneath a beautiful altar.  Worshipers can kneel below it where there is a hole in the floor.   It is possible to reach through the hole and touch a rock that tradition states is the very place where … [Read more…]

The Eleventh Station

Background:  The eleventh station marks Jesus being nailed to the cross.  A mural in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher depicts this station. Read:  Mark 15:25-32 Reflection:   Not only was Jesus nailed to the cross, but he then had to endure the ridicule while he hung there.  This is the very Jesus, who even Satan … [Read more…]

The Tenth Station

Background:  Jesus has reached the foot of the cross.  In order to get him ready for the cross, he is stripped of his garments.  The courtyard of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher serves as the tenth station. Read:   John 19:23-24  Reflection:   When someone hung on the cross to die there was little left to … [Read more…]

The Ninth Station

Background:   For a third and final time, Catholic tradition remembers that Jesus falls on the way to the cross. The ninth station is found right outside of the Church of Holy Sepulcher on the wall of an Armenian monastery. .   Reflection:   At this point Jesus was so close to his ultimate destination.   He picked … [Read more…]

The Eighth Station

Background:   On the way to the cross, Jesus passed a group of women who crying on his behalf.   Jesus briefly stops to address them.   Like the sixth station the only marker are simple roman numerals posted on the market wall. Read:   Luke 23:27-31 Reflect:   Jesus was ever the teacher.   Even when he was on the … [Read more…]

The Seventh Station

Background:   Even though the Bible does not record this event, Catholic tradition once again remembers that on the way to the cross Jesus fell a second time.  A small chapel that is rarely opened marks the reported location of this event. Reflect:   At this point in the journey, Jesus had Simon helping him carry the … [Read more…]

The Sixth Station

Background:  This is another incident along the path to the cross that scripture does not record but that Catholic tradition remembers.   As Jesus struggled along the way to the cross a woman named Veronica came and wiped the sweat, blood, and grime away from his face.   The sixth station is in a busy marketplace and … [Read more…]

The Fifth Station

Background:  The fifth station marks where Simon the Cyrene was conscripted to help Jesus carry the cross.  A small chapel marks this station, but it is only open during special times. Read:   Mark 15:21 Reflect:   Jesus had reached a point of exhaustion.  A point where his physical pain and the weight of the cross became … [Read more…]

The Fourth Station

Background:  It is not recorded in the Bible, but Catholic tradition remembers that on the path to the cross, Jesus met his mother.   The fourth station is marked by a large archway. Reflect:   It is said that there is nothing like a mother’s love.    Perhaps another way to say it is that a mother’s love … [Read more…]

Station 3

Background:   The bible records that Simon of Cyrene was conscripted to help Jesus carry his cross.   While it is not stated in the Bible explicitly, it would make logical sense that Jesus was having difficulty carrying the cross which is why he needed help.   This station marks the first time that Jesus fell under the … [Read more…]