Stations of the Cross

The Via Delarosa

The Via Delarosa or way of suffering is a path that winds through the Jerusalem’s Old City.  This tradition that finds its roots in the medieval time period was an ancient pilgrimage destination.   Along the way there are fourteen stops that commemorate events, both scriptural and ones that only tradition remembers, that happened on the way to the cross.

Even though we are thousands of miles from Jerusalem, you are invited to explore those stations.   At each one you will find a description, a reflection, and guidance on what to pray for.   There will also be pictures that show what the actual station looks like in Jerusalem.

Please take as much time as you need and it is our sincere hope that this exercise in prayer draws you closer to God this week.

The First Station

The Second Station 

The Third Station 

The Fourth Station

The Fifth Station

The Sixth Station

The Seventh Station

The Eighth Station

The Ninth Station

The Tenth Station

The Eleventh Station

The Twelfth Station

The Thirteenth Station

The Fourteenth Station