Pastor’s March 2019 Article

Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet are becoming harder to find in our modern society.  Just walk through the middle of any college campus and note the high percentage of persons that you pass who are watching or listening to their phones or have ear buds firmly planted in their ears.  

A couple years ago, I went on an out of state fishing trip with a group of men with whom I have fished with for several years.  They are all about my age. I was surprised by how many (almost all) spent much of their free time in the afternoon or evening glued to their phone or computer screens.  We are plugged in, tuned in, or electronically connected much of the time; even on vacation.

So as your pastor I need to ask:  When do you give God a chance to speak?  How does the Spirit cut through the noise pollution of your life to teach and guide you.  For me, to let God speak, I need to set aside quiet time for prayer and contemplation. It is often in the silence that the Spirit speaks.  

I have been fascinated by the story in 1 Kings 9:11-18 where God makes His presence known to Elijah.  Preceding God there is a mighty wind that breaks mountains, then a great earthquake followed by a giant fire.  God is not in any of those distractions but is revealed in “a sound of sheer silence.”  It is only when we quiet the noise pollution in our ears and minds that we are able to clearly hear the voice of God.

As we enter into the season of Lent, it is good to reflect on the purpose of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus told His disciples that when the Spirit came it would be a Helper, Comforter, Counselor, and Advocate for them.  If we are open to the Spirit’s presence and movement in our lives, He will help us to grow in our faith and discipleship.  

Take some time this month to be still and listen to what God is speaking to you.  Take a walk outside or sit in a comfortable chair and pray. You will be glad that you did!

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  1. Lillian De Jesus

    It takes discipline to quiet the mind to listen to the Spirit. I’ve been working hard to do this because I’m looking to hear from God. Taking out time for quiet time with God is the best way that I can start my day. I’m very grateful for God’s patience with me. Thank you, Lord!

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