The First Station

Background: The Via Delarosa begins with two beautiful and well-furnished chapels.  The first one remembers Jesus being sentenced to death and flogged.

Read:  John 19:4-6

Reflect:   We have to wonder, how many in the crowd that Friday morning were present on Palm Sunday or during the week Jesus taught in the temple courts?   How many people shouting “crucify” were fair weather followers only and turned away when following Jesus was not popular?   Considering this forces us to reflect on the times that we have been guilty of not following Jesus fully when the going gets tough.   We have to confess that we have not always been as faithful to our Savior as we needed to be.

Pray:  As you begin walking the Stations of the Cross, begin with a prayer of confession.   Confess that you have not loved Jesus with your whole heart, and ask God to even now better focus your mind, heart, and soul on Him.

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