The Fourth Station

Background:  It is not recorded in the Bible, but Catholic tradition remembers that on the path to the cross, Jesus met his mother.   The fourth station is marked by a large archway.

Reflect:   It is said that there is nothing like a mother’s love.    Perhaps another way to say it is that a mother’s love is the closest that a human can get to loving someone unconditionally the way that God loves us.   For many people their mother is the person who was a shining example of faith.    For some, another woman acted as a mother in their life and showed the kind of love that only a mother can show.

Pray:   Give thanks to God for the people in your life who have been examples in the faith or who have loved you with a motherly love.

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  1. Craig Scott

    My mother’s Alive and well, in fact is a caregiver to older people. A few over 100 years old. She was a Methodist ministers wife and did many parts of the management of many churches!
    Thanks to her I started going to Church before I was born and still love it.

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