The Eighth Station

Background:   On the way to the cross, Jesus passed a group of women who crying on his behalf.   Jesus briefly stops to address them.   Like the sixth station the only marker are simple roman numerals posted on the market wall.

Read:   Luke 23:27-31

Reflect:   Jesus was ever the teacher.   Even when he was on the way to the cross, he found a teaching moment.    He took one last opportunity to persuade people toward his message.   He used their tears as one final object lesson to try and convict the hearts and minds of those who heard him.   Even as he was being marched to death, Jesus tried to share his gospel one final time.

Pray:   Do you know someone who has not yet received and believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ?   Lift them up to God in prayer, and pray that even now they might finally hear and receive that message.

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