The Seventh Station

Background:   Even though the Bible does not record this event, Catholic tradition once again remembers that on the way to the cross Jesus fell a second time.  A small chapel that is rarely opened marks the reported location of this event.

Reflect:   At this point in the journey, Jesus had Simon helping him carry the cross.  Even though he was no longer baring the weight on his own, Jesus still fell.   It can be the same way with us.   Even when we have people who are helping us, even when we try are hardest, even when we know we are being prayed for we can still fall.   Things can still not go our away, and we can still find ourselves in a hard spot.   Even at this point though, Jesus got up and kept going on.


Pray:    Sometimes our words run and we have nothing left to pray.  It is OK when that happens.   Spend a couple of moments sitting in silence, seeking to rest in God’s Holy presence.

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