Scripture:  Luke 21:25-36 For a lot of people warm pajamas, hot chocolate, and a Christmas movie is the recipe for a perfect December evening.   There are a lot of Christmas movies to choose from, and I imagine everyone has their favorites.   There are no shortage of Christmas movie lists out there that attempt to rank … [Read more…]

Pastor’s December 2021

This year the Hallmark channel started on October 22nd.  That is when the first of their forty-one new Christmas movies premiered this year.  For the past few years the Hallmark channel has led the charge when it comes to new Christmas themed content, but streaming services are not far behind.  It seems there are now … [Read more…]

Don’t Worry

Scripture:  Matthew 6:25-34 It is often said that there are two types of people.  People who see the glass as half full and people who see the glass as half empty.  The concept tries to divide people into camps of optimists and pessimists.  The funny thing is, while I have heard people describe themselves as … [Read more…]

Once and For All

Scripture:  Hebrews 10: 11-14; 19-25 We live in an era of startling technological development.   I grew up surrounded by technological innovations that my parents did not have, and now that I am the parent all of that technology is now woefully obsolete.   A good example of this is the evolution of home video.   Before 1977 … [Read more…]

World Without End

Scripture:  Revelation 21:1-6 In June of 1918, the US Marines fought what up that point in their storied history was their toughest battle.  While Iwo Jima in WWII would eventually replace it as the Marines’ deadliest battle, the battle of Bellau Woods was a tough fight with a lot of casualties.  Over the course of … [Read more…]

November 2021 pastor’s article

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have reinvented the way we watch TV and engage with media. When given complete control and essentially unlimited options, a curious thing happens.   There are a number of people who just keep re-watching the same thing over and over again.  While I am sure there are all kinds of … [Read more…]

Once Was Blind

Scripture:  Mark 10:46-52 The fad has long since faded away, but do you remember “magic eye” pictures?  These were a product of the 1990s which had some sort of brightly colored, bizarre patterned picture.  Allegedly if you stared at it then you could see the hidden image underneath.   I have to say allegedly because I … [Read more…]

The Upside Down

Scripture:  Mark 10:35-45 Six years ago Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments a credit card processing company, took an action that turned his company upside down.  In 2015 Gravity Payments was like most companies where the priority was on profit first and the pay scale was highest at the top with the CEO and then … [Read more…]

A Fool and His Money

Scripture:  Mark 10:17-31 P.T. Barnum is famously attributed to have said “There’s a sucker born every minute.”  In true grifter fashion, Barnum did not actually say his most well-known quote.  It was actually said in reference to his cons by a rival showman.  Even if Barnum did not say it, his greatest hoaxes proved it.  … [Read more…]