May 2018 Pastor’s Article

EMPOWERED We celebrate Pentecost Sunday on May 20th.  Pentecost is on the church’s calendar each year to remind us that God has poured out His promised gift of the Holy Spirit.  It is available to all Christians who are open to receive it, just as Jesus promised His disciples before His ascension into heaven.  What … [Read more…]

March Special Occasions

BIRTHDAYS                  ANNIVERSARIES 10-Terry & Gwen Howard 15-James & Crystal Ridley 18-Larry & Gail Lambert     Steven & Helen Lee 25-Jerome & Wanda Smolek   BAPTISMS      

February Special Occasions

BIRTHDAYS   ANNIVERSARIES 8-Willie & Susie Scutchfield 22-Robert & Sheri Rohrer 24-Joe & Melanie Gardner 27-Paul & Carola Forsythe   BAPTISMS  2-Keaton Redlin 9-Amy Hajek 14- Anastasia Pettengill Isabella Pettengill 25-Brendon Hajek 27- Kayla Garbison Kyle French  

SOAP Method

SOAP is a method for reading scripture, prayer and reflection. SOAP stands for: Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. It is a method that can be used by anybody no matter if he or she is new to the faith or someone who has been a Christian all his or her life. It doesn’t matter if … [Read more…]