Sacrifice Bunt

Scripture:  Romans 12:1-8 Eddie Collins is a name that does not really stand out to most people.  In fact, only the most ardent baseball fans are probably familiar with him.   Collins never earned the star status of a player like Babe Ruth or the notoriety of a player like Shoeless Joe Jackson.   However, Collins was … [Read more…]

Pens and Swords

Scripture:  Matthew 15:10-20 Winston Churchill earned his place in history.  During the darkest days of World War II, he came to represent Britain’s fighting spirit.   While Churchill did have a military background, by the time he was prime minister is soldiering days were behind him.  Yet he still fought.   Churchill had exchanged the rifle for … [Read more…]

Old Fashioned Revival

Scripture:  Romans 10:5-15 My parents introduced my brother and me to Star Wars at a very young age.  Some of my absolute earliest memories are playing with Star Wars toys. I remember when my parents took my brother and I to see Return of the Jedi in the theaters when I was three years old.   I … [Read more…]

The Insanity of Grace

Scripture:  Romans 9:1-5 One of the many incredible places I got to see when I visited the Holy Land in 2016 was Megiddo.   Megiddo is a hill at the edge of the Jezreel valley, the flattest and most fertile area in all of Israel.   Megiddo is also overlooking the outlet of a mountain pass, the … [Read more…]

Absolutely Nothing

Scripture: Romans 8:31-39 Conventional wisdom once stated that it was impossible to run a four minute mile.  It was not just conventional wisdom, medical experts believed that it was just not physically possible for the body to move that fast.   The evidence of the time seemed to support this as well.   We really did not … [Read more…]

The Inheritance

Scripture:  Romans 8:12-17 My mom loves to tell the story.   I do not know my exact age, but I was young, somewhere in early elementary school.   My family was visiting my grandparents.  At grandma and grandpa Johnson’s there was some cleaning going on, and my grandmother had found a picture of my dad from his … [Read more…]

The Power Within

Romans 8:1-11 At the very end of last year we bought a new computer, because we were a little overdue.   We had nursed the one we had along so that it was on its last legs and we got nine years out of it.   The average lifespan for a personal computer is three to five … [Read more…]


Scripture:  Romans 7:15-25 On November 14th, 1782 a division of American militia under the command of Captain William Capers engaged in a skirmish in South Carolina at Avant’s Ferry.   This was a minor engagement in the American Revolution.   It took place in an isolated, rural area that was of little strategic significance and it is … [Read more…]

Open Doors

Scripture:  Matthew 10:40-42 When I was in elementary school my family took a vacation that involved traveling around the East Coast.  We visited Boston, Cape Cod, and the highlight I was looking forward to the most was Cooperstown, NY.  Home of the baseball hall of fame.   Outside of Cooperstown my parents booked a night in … [Read more…]