Scripture:  Acts 19:1-7 We tend to think of traditions as practices that are set in stone and have been around forever.  Many of these traditions are so ingrained in us, we don’t even question when they began or why we do them.   We just assume it has always been done that way.  A good example … [Read more…]

Great Expectations

Scripture:  Luke 2:22-40 Radio host and author Garrison Keillor was once referred to as “one of the most perceptive and witty commentators and bout Midwestern life.”   For years he would share these observations and witty remarks on his radio show a Prairie Home Companion.  The last episode of the show aired years ago at this … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas!

Romans:16:25-27 Well, hopefully by today you have finished all of your Christmas shopping.  But that may not be true.  Apparently when it comes to buying Christmas gifts we all fall into one of two camps.   A 2022 survey found that 50% of people begin Christmas shopping in October or earlier, but then a 202 survey … [Read more…]

January 2024 Pastor’s Article

For many people the start of a new year means making resolutions.   About 45% of Americans take part in this tradition, and there is some logic to this practice.   Making a resolution is about setting a goal to strive for.  All goals have to have a starting point, so the beginning of a new year … [Read more…]

Nevertheless, Joy Persists

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 A topic that musicians and music lovers sometimes debate is the question of can there be a perfect song?   Part of the problem with even discussing the topic, is there is no agreement about what makes a song perfect.  An Esquire magazine article from years ago tried to tackle this topic … [Read more…]


Scripture:  Mark 1:1-8 The early 19th century was the very beginning of the industrial revolution, and one of the early innovations were more advanced weaving looms that were much faster than what traditional artisans could ever do.  This led to some resistance and a semi-organized group took to destroying these new machines of industry.  This … [Read more…]

What’s in the Box?

Scripture:  Mark 13:24-37 This time of the year is one that is absolutely infused with traditions.   Because the holiday season rolls around annually, we tend to have dozens and dozens of things big and small that we build into what we do every year around Christmas.   It seems this time of year has more family … [Read more…]

December 2023 Pastor’s Article

Thanks in no small part to Hallmark, there are hundreds and hundreds of Christmas movies and specials that exist.  I always find it interesting how these cultural Christmas stories try to avoid the religious connotations of Christmas while still capturing it as something special.   A lot of these Christmas stories like to focus on “Christmas … [Read more…]

Powerhouse Prayers

Scripture: Ephesians 1:15-23 It is an old story, so it might be one that you have heard before.  It was in the first year of life together for a newly married couple.  One of the dishes that the wife of the couple was best at making was a pot roast recipe, so she made it … [Read more…]

Burning the Midnight Oil

Scripture:  Matthew 25:1-13 There is a general belief that attentions spans are getting shorter.  A survey from earlier this year reported that more than half of adults are concerned that their attention span is not what it used to be.  It is conventional wisdom that our attention span, especially for younger generations, is getting shorter.   … [Read more…]