Pastor’s November 2019 Article

If you are not much of an Internet person, then it is possible you are not familiar with the website Kickstarter.   However, Kickstarter was a revolutionary concept for bringing creative projects to life.  Previously for artists, writers, and designers the process to publication was an arduous one.  It required an investment by a company or … [Read more…]

By the Book

Scripture:  2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 Nathaniel Greene was born into a well to-do Rhode Island family.  Though taught the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic Greene did not have much formal schooling because his father thought industrious work was the best teacher.   Nathaniel was indeed industrious, and upon the death of his father in 1774 he … [Read more…]

Like and Share

Scripture:  2 Timothy 1:3-14 As a child my favorite day was Saturday.   It had nothing to do with school being out either, because I actually woke up earlier on Saturday than I did on school days.   Saturday was my favorite because I loved Saturday morning cartoons.   My siblings and I worked out a viewing schedule … [Read more…]

I Can Do This All Day

Scripture:  1 Timothy 6:6-16 The release of Iron Man in 2008 was one the biggest gambles taken in cinematic history.  Up to that point, Iron Man had always been a second tier hero in marvel’s line up.   He was not obscure, but he also did not have the name recognition of heavy hitters like Spider … [Read more…]

Pastor’s October 2019 Article

Statistically speaking, a lot of people are happy for the coming of October.  In multiple surveys, people identify October as their favorite month.   There is a lot to like about October.  The leaves change color, the temperature reaches perfect bonfire weather, and it is cool enough to justify wearing a hoodie everywhere.  For other people … [Read more…]

Make It So

Scripture:  1 Timothy 6:6-19 There are a lot of different expressions of Christianity.  There are the ones that a lot of people have heard of like Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, or even Methodist.  There are ones that are kind of obscure like Moravian or Coptic, and that does not even account for the thousands of … [Read more…]

The Sweet Sound

Scripture:  1 Timothy 1:12-17 My family has enjoyed watching America’s Got Talent this year.  At this point, we all have our favorites and we are looking forward to the championship show coming up this week.  It is hard to believe, but the show is in its 14th season and was first on the air all … [Read more…]

All In

Scripture:  Luke 14:25-33 Led by the star power of Hulk Hogan and then further bolstered by wrestling legends like Macho Man Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, and the Ultimate Warrior professional wrestling entered an era of heightened popularity in the late 80’ and early 90s.   When Hulkamania rolled in I was in 3rd grade, and … [Read more…]

Losers Welcomed Here

Scripture:  Luke: 14:1,7-14 Back in 2013 one of the groups that I led was called IGGY.  No one actually knew why it was called that, but it was the youth group for 5th and 6th graders.   I distinctly remember during one of the devotions for this group I asked the kids to share what they … [Read more…]

Make a Difference Anyway

Scripture:  Luke 13:10-17 A couple of weeks ago, I ran across an Internet challenge that stuck with me.  I saw it on Twitter, and the challenge was to share an unpopular opinion about something you like.   Often on social media when someone makes a post that begins with sharing an unpopular opinion they then go … [Read more…]