Finding Jesus

Scripture:  John 14:15-21 One of the most common tropes found in Super Hero movies and comic books is the idea of a secret identity.  The Super Hero’s non-heroic alter ego is often meant to be the last person that anyone would expect of being a crime fighter.   Most super heroes wear some sort of mask … [Read more…]

Through Jesus the Son

Scripture:  John 14:1-14 The bank of England is one of the most secure buildings in the world, and it was constructed with security in mind.  It was built in 1734 with walls that were eight feet thick.  It was built with an intricate and proprietary lock system, which has only been made stronger with technological … [Read more…]

More of Us

Scripture:  Acts 2:42-47 In 1933 Radio Station WXYZ premiered a new show.  This show began with a fast tempo piece of classical music entitle March of the Swiss Soldiers the final piece from the William Tell Overture and then the listeners were invited to wild west adventure with the neighing of a horse and voice … [Read more…]

May 2023 Pastor’s Article

I recently attended a workshop where the Director of Faith Community Formation for the Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church shared a surprising statement.  He said that in the United States, rural areas are the least evangelized areas.   That stuck out to me as a surprising statement, because my initial assumption is that rural … [Read more…]


Scripture: Acts 2:14, 36-41 Everyone is afraid of something, and when it comes to defining what we are afraid of English is oddly expressive.  No matter how obscure the fear there is probably a specific term to define it.  For instance there is someone out there who suffers from Xanthophobia, or fear of the color … [Read more…]

In the Meantime

Scripture: Acts 1:1-11 Some people are better at it than others, but I think it is fair to say no one truly enjoys waiting.  We can find ways to make the best of it, but if we were given preference more often than not we would rather not wait.  Of course, not all waiting is … [Read more…]

Jesus the Risen One

Scripture:  Matthew 28:1-10 Despite my best efforts, neither one of my children really like super heroes.  Which in the end is fine-they can like what they like, but there is one exception.   For whatever reason, for several months while in pre-school my youngest child loved Batman.  I am not sure why the caped crusader captured … [Read more…]

Jesus the Suffering Servant

Scripture:  Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Chances are we have all been there at one time or another.   We have all had times where the smallest of inconvenience becomes the last straw.  Perhaps we are at the grocery store and someone talking too loudly on their phone, completely inconsiderate of others gets us seeing red or maybe the … [Read more…]

April 2023 Pastor’s Article

I think just about every fan of Stark Trek has opinions on which captain is their favorite.  Star Trek fans can be divided by their favorite captain.   A lot of fans have strong opinions why Picard is the best captain to helm the enterprise, or why the underrated Janeway is really the best captain.   Honestly, … [Read more…]

Jesus the Rebel

Scripture:  John 2:13-25 I was a teenager in the 1990’s.   I am not sure if you remember or are very attuned to church happenings during that time, but in the 1990’s I think every single youth group or teens Sunday School class was dominated by the same four letters:  WWJD.   “What Would Jesus Do?” was … [Read more…]